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Neighbouring FIR's
Written by Deepan Mehta   

Vatsim India has been authorised by the Regional Director - Asia to  support the neighbouring developing Regions around the Indian Airspace . Some countries like Pakistan and Nepal already have people in charge of developing independant FIR's and regions for those countries . The staff at VATIND are working together with the concerned members for the same .


VATIND staff or any other members who wish to control over Nepal and Pakistan may inform the Division Director - Vatsim West Asia and obtain permission for the same . Vastim Pakistan and Vatsim Nepal staff are also likewise authorised to control over India , These staff also should also register on the VATIND site so that their names can be added to the visiting controllers list for the benefit of any Vatsim supervisors in case of any incidents arising .




FIR's Currently under Vatsim West Asia Division


VRMM  Maldives Male islands


VCBI    Colombo Sri Lanka


VGZR   Dhaka Bangladesh





Staff controlling must inform the Division Director VATIND before controlling the above airspaces mentioned