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Virtual ATC info
Written by Deepan Mehta   

VATIND is a "virtual" ATC network on the   VATSIM network . VATIND (Vatsim India) is the Indian vACC ( Virtual Area Control Center ) of the West Asia Division . Please  browse through the various articles and links on  this site if you are interested in  Air Traffic Control or Flight simulation  . If you are new to the Concept of a virtual ATC network - It is a network of computers connected to each other on the internet  designed in such a way that.....

A. Members can connect as "pilots" to this network and are provided with "virtual"or simulated  Air Traffic Control services  while connected to the net using their flight simulators on their home computers . Simulators like  Microsoft's FS2004 , FSX and also another simulator X-plane are used .

B. Other members also connect to this network as  "virtual"ATC or "virtual" Air Traffic Controllers, these members provide  ATC services to the virtual pilots who are connected  to the  network as mentioned above . The members who play the role of ATC use software like VRC ( Virtual Radar Client) and Euroscope which simulate a radar screen showing all the aircrafts connected on the  network thereby allowing them to Control the aircraft like ATC would in the real world .

So basically Vatsim is a virtual network on the internet where members play the roles of ATC and Pilots .To find out more and to become a member of Vatsim visit THIS LINK

if you are interested in controlling please visit the links in the menus on the left  which contain Information from the AIP(Aeronautical Information and publication) India and other Wikipedia articles which will help while simulating ATC and Flying on Vatsim India . See THIS link for Vatsim Quick Start and our Article on Getting Started


VATIND was  created on 05 August 2007 by the author after permissions and being declared official by  the Vatsim Board of Governors.  Shantanu Chand was its first Virtual Air Traffic Controller.